Won't you like to be the richest, happiest and most powerful person on this planet?
You can be if you just discover your unlimited hidden energy.
Never trust anyone who says that your destiny is pre-ordained.
You are the architect of your own destiny.
You become what you think; you find what you perceive.
It is choice, not chance that determines your destiny.
Be the shaper, creator and architect of your own reality and your own destiny.
Learn to be your own master.
The Tale Of Mr. D. P. Poddar, A Journey Of Dreams

Here is the story, story of a person, in fact of myself who from being a corporate executive in industries like engineering, sugar, electrical, travel, coal etc. as also an investment and financial consultant for 50 long years or almost half a century, authored the book “You Are The Powerhouse” in the year 2008 at an advanced age of 68 years. The book which covers almost all the facets and emotions of human life, is totally unrelated to his earlier career and profession. And now read the story.

Born in Kolkata in 1941 in a middle class family from Rajasthan, I did my graduation in commerce stream from Calcutta University. I started my career in 1959 as a Senior Sales Assistant in Texmaco at a salary of just Rs.250/- per month and later on worked as a senior executive in industrial houses like the Birlas, the Thapars and others for 27 years.

But I had a dream, the dream of building my own business. Till April 1982, I was working as the Deputy Manager of a transformer factory in Lucknow. In 1978, some events inspired me to start investment management and financial services business and I started studying these subjects with a single minded obsession. In October 1981, I met a few persons from these professions which further reinforced my determination to enter the same. First turning point in my career came when I resigned from my Lucknow job in April 1982 without having anything concrete in my hands excepting confidence in myself.

Because of my driving desire of entering the capital market, things started falling in place from 1978 onwards and in the year 1982, I had entered the financial services business in partnership after remaining in service for 27 long years. In September 1989, second turning point in my career came when I got the stock broking card from Calcutta Stock Exchange in recognition of the contribution made by me in expanding the capital market. In the year 1990, I went solo to start my own stock broking firm “D. P. Poddar & Co” with borrowed funds of Rs.2.5 lakhs. It is then that I discovered my true potential and got the wings to soar. Within 4 years, my firm had become one of the largest on the Calcutta Stock Exchange and I became one of the most prominent faces on the capital market.

Instead of transacting private sector business, my burning desire was to work primarily for state-sponsored financial institutions like UTI, ICICI, IDBI, IFCI, LIC, GIC and its various subsidiaries as also mutual funds. Almost everybody in the business felt that I would not be able to do so since mine was a new firm and, therefore, did not meet their criteria for registration as secondary market broker. However, instead of getting discouraged, I kept on pursuing my dream with complete devotion and against all odds, ultimately I got registered with 26 State sponsored financial institutions and mutual funds within a matter of 3 years. This was almost unheard of in the Indian stock markets but my driving desire and single-minded approach succeeded in achieving something which many thought impossible. This proves that everyone can become whatever his driving desire is.

The media took early note of my expertise in investment management and I became a regular contributor to publications like The Economic Times, Business Standard, Business World, Business India, Dalal Street Journal and The Telegraph etc. on the subjects of investment and merchant banking. In fact, Dateline Monitor had called me a “Hard Nosed Journalist” in 1993. I was called “Blue Chip Consultant” by The Telegraph, “Non Compromising Type” by Business World and “Mastermind” by the Business Standard. Financial Express gave me a full page coverage in all their editions as “Corporate Royalty” in 1995. In fact, I got recognition from the media as a pioneer in the capital market.

Starting from 1985 till 1997, no seminar or workshop on capital market did happen in Kolkata without myself being there in some capacity as a chief guest, main speaker, coordinator or in any other capacity. I had myself organised an All India Seminar on Primary Capital Market in my capacity as the President of The Stockbroker Underwriters Association. The event had been attended by galaxy of stars from the capital market like the Chairmen of SEBI, UTI, DSP Financial Consultant, JM Financial Consultant, Managing Directors of SBI and Canara Bank, Presidents of Calcutta and Delhi Stock Exchanges and various others celebrities from the banks and capital markets.

The third and most decisive turning point in my career came when I had to undergo an open-heart by-pass surgery in 1997. Despite that, discomfort in my chest continued which was diagnosed as “muscular spasm” by my cardiologist according to whom, I had to endure the same for the rest of my life. This inspired me to understand the causes of human suffering. I started doing intensive research in this direction which ultimately resulted in my writing the book “You Are The Powerhouse” in the year 2008. A table of contents of the book as also a few thoughts from the same are attached.

As a matter of fact, I retired from active business in the year 2004 itself to pursue my biggest ever dream of writing the above book but my driving desire made the same possible. The book was very well received and appreciated in the academic and corporate circles as a result of which, second edition of the same has also come out. A few opinions regarding the book are attached.

Inspired by the book, three academic institutions from Kanpur invited me for a lecture tour and presentations which were highly appreciated. The institutions were ICFAI National College, Mahila Mahavidyalaya (P.G.) College and Rotary Club of Kanpur. Apart from these, I have made presentations at various foras including educational institutions and corporate sector. Apart from the book, I have developed several power point presentation like “You Are The Powerhouse”, “Empowerment of Sportspersons”, “Pursuit of Happiness” and a few others.

And the journey continues. From a corporate executive having exposure in different kinds of industries to a financial and investment consultant to the author of the above book, a subject which is totally unrelated to my earlier careers, has been quite an extraordinary, exciting and rewarding journey for me. I tell every person to dare to dream and pursue the same with all their will power, passion and commitment. If nature gives a person a dream, it also provides him the means to realise the same if his own commitment is complete. And this is the central theme running through my book.


  1. “According to Walt Disney, one should “think, believe, dream and dare.” Learn to pursue your dream with all your will power and firm belief in the fact that success will be yours. Give yourself wings. Think of a bird’s effortless flight and fly beyond the fears that limit and ground you. Free yourself. Nature never gives a person a dream without the potential to make it come true.”
  1. “Remember, when you are inspired by a great purpose, all your thoughts break their bonds, your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every Direction and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world.”
  1. “Your efforts should be based on frontiers rather than limitations giving yourself permission to extend, to strive and eventually succeed. Frontiers create opportunities and possibilities which are limitless. There are no frontiers you can not conquer. Your constraint is only your imagination.”
  1. “Every person is a living, walking and talking powerhouse capable of generating unlimited energy. If you can believe this, you only have to discover this nature’s gifted powerhouse lying right inside you. Einstein’s theory of E = MC2 also supports this view.”


  1. “Never trust anyone who says that your destiny is pre-ordained. You are the architect of your own destiny. Perceived reality eventually becomes manifested reality. So you become what you think; you find what you perceive. It is choice, not chance that determines your destiny. Be the shaper, creator and architect of your own personality, your own reality and your own destiny. Learn to be your own master.”
  1. “You would become what you think. As a matter of fact, you are what your deep driving desire is. As is your desire, so is your will. As is your will, so is your act. As is your act, so is your destiny. You create our own reality. You are the architect of our own destiny.”


  1. “Happiness is not a choice. It is your right. You will be as happy as you decide to be and if you do so, nothing can make you unhappyRemember that mankind was born to be happy; unhappiness is not an option. Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the reality. God has not forgotten to give you happiness. He is just waiting you to ask for if.”

If you are interested in procuring a copy of the book , please mail me at reach@dppoddar.com